Improve Your Vitality with Quality Sleep

I remember the days I used to think I could get away with 5 hours of sleep with no problem. Little did I know the side effects of sleep deprivation that may lead to serious health issues. I experienced fatigue, … Read More

Healthy Snacks On-The-Go for Energy

Are you preparing for a busy day(s) ahead, plan on traveling or thinking of going to a park? Are you considering bringing healthy snacks on-the-go? If I anticipate being away from home for most of the day, I pack healthy … Read More

5 Tips to Avoid Overeating

Overeating can happen to anyone for different reasons. Overeating causes our digestive system to over work. The body focuses primarily on digesting the food, which can reduce energy levels. The metabolism slows down, and other symptoms may occur such as bloating, stomach pain, feeling … Read More

About Viva Naturally

Hello and Welcome! I am Juliana – Vitality and Wellness Coach     Our mission at Viva Naturally is to help you feel vibrant and energized! YES, it is possible to have the energy and vitality to thrive in life, … Read More