Our Mission

Our mission at Viva Naturally is to help you feel vibrant and energized! YES, it is possible to have the energy and vitality to thrive in life, even with a busy schedule. I want to help you feel your best so that you can excel in your life and career.

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with work and life duties and how draining it can all be. I want to show you step-by-step how to feel and be vibrant, energized, happy, and healthy.

Our services focus on five essential Vitality Pillars:

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    Mindset and Emotion
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    Healthy Eating
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    Stress Management

Living and embracing these five pillars is key to having the vitality to live the life you desire (and deserve).

About Juliana

Juliana Salazar is the founder and co-owner of Viva Naturally, LLC. As a Vitality and Wellness Coach, she specializes in helping women entrepreneurs feel vibrant, energized, healthy and happy so they can excel in their business and thrive in life. 

Through her signature program Recharge and Revive™, Juliana helps hard-working women get their energy, strength and health back naturally. She also helps to overcome stress, exhaustion, mental strain and overwhelm. 

 Juliana Salazar 

 Founder and Co-owner 


Starting, managing and growing your business takes a lot energy.  Therefore, being in control of your health and energy will give you more confidence, motivation, peace, and brainpower to charge ahead in your business and personal life.

My Story

I remember the days when I had many health problems and constant lack of energy. I had difficulty getting up in the morning and coffee was the first thing on my mind to help me get through the day. 
I had digestion issues, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances and allergies. All along, my body was trying to tell me that something was wrong. 

I experienced many health and energy challenges at different stages of my life including during college, working in corporations, and when I started my wellness business.
After extensive research, training, experience, and more, I finally discovered how to get my energy and health back naturally. Now, my mission is to help others maximize their energy to thrive in life.

One of the biggest challenges busy people face these days is sleep deprivation. Did you know that ongoing sleep deficiency can raise the risk for chronic health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke? It can also affect how well we think, react, work, learn, and get along with others. If we really want to be productive during the day, we need to give our mind and body quality rest at night.

About Sebastian

As the IT systems manager & co-owner of Viva Naturally, LLC. Sebastian supports clients from an IT perspective and is in charge systems integration and enhancements to ensure a smooth experience for clients.

Sebastian believes that helping people using the 5 pillars used in Viva Naturally can help them achieve higher levels of energy and vitality. This belief came to fruition after Sebastian discovered that a plant based lifestyle helped him solve several issues with his personal health. A few of the issues that Sebastian encountered before adopting a plant based diet included skin allergies, a strong body odor, headaches, acne, low levels of energy, brain fog, and irregular bowel movements. After being convinced that a consuming a plant based diet was not only optimal for his health, for the environment, and to help prevent animal cruelty, he decided say goodbye to his old eating habits (which took him some time to let go of), and continues to this day to consume a diverse variety of plant based foods.

The first steps to becoming a vegan were tough for Sebastian because consuming meats and dairy were part of his life since childhood and are ingrained in his Colombian heritage, but the hardest part was receiving backlash from family and friends as to why he had made such a drastic change to his diet. After some time, his family and friends became more acceptable of his new lifestyle and he even noticed that his taste buds had changed to the point where highly processed foods didn’t taste good anymore.

Today Sebastian is much healthier compared to his meat & dairy eating days, and enjoys a plethora of plant based foods that have helped him heal from many personal illnesses, and have greatly increased his levels of energy to better tackle his daily tasks. He has been a vegan since early 2016 and his blood work has never been better. He has been so impressed with these positive results that he quickly realized that this was an opportunity to take action and help others close to him and around the world by co-founding Viva Naturally, LLC.  He truly believes in the saying “you are what you eat”, and by helping others consume a plant based diet, he wants to help everyone heal from any personal health issues that plague our world today.

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